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Keeping track of the necessary care and maintenance of your residential plumbing can be stressful but Cosmo’s Plumbing is here to help. We created this quick guide with some information on common problems.

  1. Leaks
    There are a few rooms in your home which are more prone to leaks than others. They are the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. It is more common to find leaks in these areas of the house because people use them every day. Now, while leaks from the kitchen and bathroom faucet/plumbing are usually found quickly; leaks in laundry rooms do tend to go unnoticed longer. Unnoticed leaks in any part of your home can create more problems and cost more money to fix. The continual drip from any faucet will significantly add to your water bill. That same drip can also create flooding, mold or mildew which are issues no home owner wants to deal with.If you find a leak or worse in your home, call Cosmo’s Plumbing for your repairs. We offer 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Las Vegas service for your convenience.
  2. Drain Clearing
    Cosmo’s Plumbing advises all property owners to regularly clear their home’s drains to prevent clogs, keep fixtures and plumbing working more efficiently, and to lower the amount of damage done to pipes over time.There are some things a homeowner can easily do to help maintain their pipes in between drain cleanings. The first would be to never pour grease down a drain. It is a common misconception that it is alright to pour grease down the drain with hot water. Many people think the hot water will keep the grease melted, but the truth is, it will not. The hot water will pass through, and the grease remaining in the pipes will eventually cool and solidify again, thus clogging your pipes. So, do not pour grease at all. A second tip is that if your garbage disposal is not working, avoid throwing food down the drain, because it will accumulate in your pipes.

    If you are experiencing slow and gurgling drainage, low water pressure or foul odors coming from your drains, you could be in need of a drain cleaning service. Call Las Vegas plumber, Cosmo Plumbing for all your drain cleaning services.

  3. Garbage Disposals
    It can be a nuisance when your garbage disposal breaks down because it usually results in clogged drains and flooding of the sink. Cosmo’s Plumbing strongly advice to not attempt to repair any garbage disposal on your own. Due to the sharp blades, it is much safer to contact a plumber in to repair it, rather than doing it on your own.A couple of common issues that occur with garbage disposals are a faulty motor and clogs. A garbage disposal has a faulty motor when it stops working as it is grinding or if it does not turn on at all.You can help prevent clogs by running water while running your disposal and by being careful what kind of food you grind. Keep in mind that certain food items, such as bones, and grease can create clogs.

    If you have either of these issues or are unsure of what is happening to your garbage disposal, feel free to call Cosmo Plumbing, a reliable and honest plumber.

We hope this quick guide on some basic home plumbing maintenance was helpful to you. If you need more information or some other sort of service done, please call Cosmo Plumbing. We will be happy to assist you.