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Kitchen Plumbing repair services in Las Vegas, NV

We all know kitchen is the heart of the home- but kitchens are also the heart of a home’s plumbing from sinks, pipes, garbage disposals to faucets. Our kitchens contain a variety of plumbing fixtures, and it is very vital they function well as any malfunction in kitchen fixtures can disturb whole family’s daily life. But Cosmo’s Plumbing can help as we are the Kitchen fixtures repair service provider in Las Vegas, NV. Below are some of the kitchen plumbing services we provide:

Kitchen Plumbing Services:

  1. Kitchen Faucet Repair: Dealing with faucets which are broken, leaky or damaged can give you headaches as that annoying never ending annoying sound and the wastage of water. But we have got you covered our team is experienced, trained and capable of handling any type of faucet including cartridge, compression, ball and ceramic disk. We can handle anything from repairing your existing kitchen faucet to installing a new kitchen faucet. You can rely on our kitchen faucet repair service in Las Vegas, NV.
  2. Kitchen Leak Repair Service: Leaks can be annoying as any homeowner who has experienced them will never want any leak again. Cosmo’s Plumbing provides kitchen leak repair service in Las Vegas which provides solutions for leaks in following kitchen fixtures:
    • A Leak in Faucets
    • A Leak in Garbage Disposal
    • A Leak in a Refrigerator
    • A Leak in a Dishwasher

    Cosmo’s Plumbing is fully capable of handling all the kitchen leaks. We are fully trained and equipped with new technological advanced plumbing tools to handle all the kitchen leaks and provide you very cost effective and professional kitchen leak repair service in Las Vegas.

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  3. Kitchen Drain Cleaning Service: If your kitchen sink is not draining as fast as the way it should drain or the way it used to drain. It is sign that you need to get your kitchen drain cleaned. It is very common for kitchen sinks to become clogged as lot of mineral deposits, food debris and more built up and clog your kitchen sink drain but Cosmo’s Plumbing also provides kitchen drain cleaning service in Las vegas and surrounding counties. Our trained staff will unclog the drain and get your sink back into working order.
  4. Leaking Garbage Disposal: Garbage disposal are great but often misused and making garbage disposal repair job very common for us. There could be number of reasons for the garbage disposal leak. We first detect the leak find out where the leak is coming from and then decide whether we need to clean, repair or replace the main seal, the gasket, the dishwater hose or the entire unit. Call Cosmo’s Plumbing if you need a professional plumber in Las Vegas.
  5. A leaking Refrigerator: If your refrigerator is leaking the most common cause is the blocked defrost drain. The opening is very small and is easily blocked by food particles or ice. Some other causes of a leak in your refrigerator could be because of following reasons:
    A crack in your drain pan at the bottom of the refrigerator allowing water to leak.
    Water line connection to the ice make could come loose or the seal can age and crack, that leads to leak and water pooled under and around your refrigerator.
    Poor Connection between the water filter and the water supply can cause a leak in refrigerators which have a filtering system.
    If your are encountering all these leak issues with your refrigerator. Give us a call we will fix all the refrigerator leaks.
  6. A leaking Dishwasher: We rely on using dishwashers everyday leaks in the dishwashers can affect the functioning of a dishwasher. Leaks often happen when dishwashers are not able to drain properly that results into a clog or buildup in the drain. Cosmo’s Plumbing can help you repair the leak or install a new dishwasher any brand any model.

We also provide appliance installation service in Las Vegas and surrounding cities. Read more.

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