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Expert Gas Line Installation and Repair in Las Vegas Area

Since 1985 we have been serving the Las Vegas community with repairing and installing gas lines anywhere our clients desire be it BBQ’s, kitchen appliances, furnaces, etc. When it comes to installation of new gas lines at our client’s property we make sure we use quality products like use of carbon steel to transport natural gas from exterior source to your appliances. Use of flexible steel eliminates cutting which saves lot of time and minimizes potential gas leaks. While the traditional black iron pipe installation has many 90 degree, tee and coupling fitting and are used to joint two piece of straight pipe together each time there is a change in direction making the gas line installation more prone to leaks. We are open 24 Hours, 7 Days a week so anytime you have any gas line repair issues we are ready to serve our client.

We only install gas Lines up to code, pull permits that are required and meet the inspector on the day of the inspection

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We can help you with following Gas Line services

  • New gas Line Installation: Most reliable Las Vegas gas line installation company. We can install new gas lines for your kitchen, barbecues, hot furnaces and outdoor area. We run gas test before leaving your property to make sure there are no leaks and leave the area spotless and clean when the job is completed. We find best quality gas line available for your home to deliver energy without harming your family and draining your budget.
  • Gas Line Repair: A gas leak is a real danger to your home or commercial property. If you suspect a gas leak in your house or in your commercial property give Cosmo’s plumbing a call expert in in repairing gas leaks and are available 24 Hours 7 Days a week to help you with gas leaks repair and for the safety and well being of family members and friends.
  • Gas Leaks Causes: It can come at unexpected time and there many common causes of gas line leaks.
    1. Corrosion of seals that connect and hold gas line pipes to your appliances can corrode and wear out and this can easily cause a gas leak.
    2. Poor pipping: Pipes that bring gas into the appliances. This pipping system can become faulty and erode with time. There are times pipe disconnect as they wear out, sometimes the cause are surrounding tree roots. But poor pipping is common with older homes but they can be a cause of gas pipe leaks in your property.Gas leaks are a serious problem and dangerous. They must be fixed as soon as possible. If you suspect a gas leak in you home or commercial property call us at (702) 438-1355 our gas line repair experts will find the leak and fix them on the spot.
  • Gas Appliance Hook up: We have over 35 years of experience of installing appliance that need a gas line connection including gas ranges and outdoor barbecue grills.
    Gas Line Maintenance & Code Appliance: We can look into your existing gas line and make sure there are no gas leaks in your gas line and make sure your existing gas line gas line is in working order.
  • Gas Line test: We can do gas test on residential property, commercial properties and Manufactured/Mobile homes in Las Vegas. We perform a gas test and resolve the gas line issue by repairing the gas line or if we feel installing a new gas line is the best option we will install a new gas line using high quality products and in accordance to the code.

Your Safety Is Our #1 Priority. Las Vegas Gas Line Experts
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