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Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures Installation and Repair Experts in Las Vegas

Bathroom are a hub of activity in your home with high traffic and making them a really important part of your residential property. You deserve a bathroom that is reliable , modern and pleasing. Cosmo’s provides installation and repair for following bathroom fixtures in a residential property

Toilet Repair & Installation Service
Whether you need a new toilet installed or need a simple repair on your toilet we can get the job done. Toilet jobs are stinky and complicated which is why we are here to do the toilet installation and toilet repair for you. We are the most reliable toilet installation & toilet repair service in Las Vegas. We have over 35 years of experience and we will make sure the job is finished correctly and on time.
Common Problems with Toilets

  • Toilet has a weak flush
  • The toilet tanks fills with water after being flushed.
  • Leaky Toilet
  • Noisy Toilet
  • Stuck or Loose Toilet Handle
  • Water on the floor around toilet
  • Slow filling of toilet tank

If you are notice any of the above or any other toilet problem we are here to help. Give us a call we will diagnose the toilet issue and fix by repairing your toilet or installing a new toilet one if it is not repairable.

New Shower Installation In Las Vegas
Cosmo’s Plumbing also offers shower installation in the Las Vegas area. We can customize and install your showers according to your needs. We can replace and install a new shower faucet and shower heads. We can convert bathtubs into showers.
Some of the features of our Shower Installation Service

  • We install showers that do not warp, chip or crack.
  • Showers installed by us can nearly fit any space.
  • Showers do not lose their shine and look great year after year.

Shower Repair Service in Las Vegas
Our shower repair service provides expert shower repair plumbing service in Las Vegas area.
If you have the following shower issue call us at (702) 438 1355 we can fix them all.

  • Shower head issue – Low water pressure
  • Leak in shower faucet
  • Clogged shower drains

Bathtubs installation Service
We are the expert bathtub installation company serving the Las Vegas area. We install bathtubs professionally according to you style and configuration so you get more than just a luxurious new bathing space but also have the bathtubs work properly in the future. We have the experience and tools to install a new bathtub so call Cosmo your local bath tub installer.

We provide bathroom repair service as well in the Las Vegas area. We will diagnose the issue and repair bathtub. We are the most reliable bathtub repair contractors in Las Vegas.

Bathroom Sink Installation and Repair
We can unclog the sink drain, repair or replace a leaky bathroom sink faucet or install a new a sink. Anytime you have any issue with your bathroom sink give us a call we are open 24 Hours 7 Days week to serve all the Las Vegas Residential and Commercial Properties.

Commercial Urinal Installation and Repair Service
We are the best and experienced urinal installers in Las Vegas. We know how much value impression and appearance mean to your business and having a bathroom facility which functions well and is clean and tidy sends a good message.

Cosmo’s Plumbing can help you with all Las Vegas urinal installation and repair services. We are fully trained, equipped, experienced, licensed and insured to treat all your urinal needs whether you want new urinal installed in your commercial property or you need your urinals repaired we have got you covered!

If you suspect your business urinals need any repair or replacement or any of the issues addressed above call us at (702) 438-1355

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