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Not all plumbers are created equal. In fact, Cosmo has been a plumber since serving on a Navy ship in 1970.

Cosmo’s Plumbing is a full service residential & commercial plumbing contractor that is family owned and operated. Our business rests in our name. Cosmo, his wife and three boys, plus very close friends, make up the work-force of the company.

Las Vegas plumber servicesOur staff are some of the most qualified service professionals and operate at the cutting edge of our profession; Las Vegas plumber services at its best…

What a customer wants is the job done right: workers to arrive on time, to be kept in the loop, and all this performed at an affordable price. When you need a plumber in Las Vegas, we do all that and much more.

If you have a piano, Cosmo will even entertain you. We even take requests… Hey, we’re here to please… 

Give us a call and we’ll take care of all your plumbing needs. We offer affordable plumbing services for residential & commercial; serving many of the resturants in the Las Vegas Valley, plus we are licensed for manufactured homes too… 

Some Of The Services We Provide

Unclog pipes and drains Prevention before disaster
Repair leaky pipes Jet plumbing
Eliminate singing toilets Sewer locating and repair
Eliminate vibrating pipes Grease trap cleaning
Eliminate low water pressure Water leak detection
Eliminate rusty water Slab leaks
Garbage disposal repair & replacement Water softeners
PVB Installations Reverse osmosis installation
Complete re-piping / re-routes RO Systems
NV licensed Mobile Home specialist Code upgrades
Eliminate temperature shock in shower Hose bib leaks
Water heater repair & replacement Plumbing Fixture replacement


As you can see, we do it all. No job is too large or too small, and if we happen to miss something, we’llaffordable plumbing services come back and make it right!

Our family prides itself on taking care of our customers; many of which have been our customers for over 30-years.

Plumber Services in Las Vegas

Whether you need a water heater repair, or you need emergency plumbing services, for the best Las Vegas Plumber Services in all of the Las Vegas Valley, look no further than Cosmo’s Plumbing.

And, make sure you mention our 15% new customer discount!

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Las Vegas Plumber Services


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When you need Las Vegas plumber services, whether residential & commercial plumbing, or just regular plumbing services, what you need is affordable plumbing services. Whether you need water heater repair Las Vegas, or Las Vegas emergency plumbing services, call a plumbing contractor. Cosmo’s Plumbing contractor does the job right!

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